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Thank you for your interest in using the SECURE-IBD data for research purposes. We are committed to data sharing and happy to make SECURE-IBD data available for researchers to answer vital questions for the international gastroenterology community.

To ensure that the data are used in a scientifically sound and responsible manner, our SECURE-IBD team including the International Advisory Committee will review all data sharing requests. Requests will be evaluated based on rigor, risk of bias, feasibility, track record of the researcher/research team, scientific importance, and overlap with previous and/or ongoing projects. Please note the ongoing/planned projects by the by steering and advisory committees below. Overlapping projects are unlikely to be granted, unless clear novelty in research question or methodology is demonstrated, or project may be related to school work, which will be addressed on an individual basis.

  1. Effect of IBD medications on COVID-19 outcomes
  2. GI symptoms related to COVID-19 in IBD patients
  3. Racial and ethnic differences in COVID outcomes among IBD patients
  4. Temporal and geographic variation in reported cases and outcomes
  5. Effect of non-IBD comorbidities on COVID outcomes
  6. Practice patterns regarding medication holding/discontinuation in patients with COVID-19
  7. COVID outcomes among pediatric IBD patients

Following acceptance of your data sharing request, our team will work with you to establish a set of expectations and agreements regarding data use, timelines, progress reports, citation of SECURE-IBD data, and authorship, followed by sharing of relevant data.

If you are interested in using SECURE-IBD data for your research, please contact our team at

Data Sharing Application