An ancient Tibetan recipe for the elixir of health and long life discovered

Many people like to discover new ideas and tips on how to take better care of their health. Not only for them, the old Tibetan recipe for longevity and robust health can be an inspiration.

There are people who want to take care of their health in ways that go beyond ordinary practices. These people don't just go to the doctor for regular checkups, but try to take care of themselves much more than the people around them. This is often linked to a healthier lifestyle, in which people try to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. Dietary supplements are also common. And this old Tibetan recipe can actually be classified as a kind of dietary supplement – beyond the usual care.

It was originally a drug

In 1971, the world organization UNESCO conducted an expedition to a Tibetan monastery. The main result of this expedition was the discovery of an old recipe written on a clay tablet. It was a Chinese medicine that has a very positive effect on human health. According to information, the drug helped people prevent heart attacks, sclerosis, headaches and cancer. In addition, it is also said to improve eyesight and remove many toxins from the body.

According to the prescription information, treatment with this Tibetan medicine should be repeated about once every 5 years. At the same time, the drug should be prepared exactly as prescribed and consumed as such. Discipline is required when taking this medicine. If you are not consistent, the use of this old remedy is completely useless, as its effects will be practically nil.

The drug is taken after years

The drug is taken after years

Preparation is simple
All you need to prepare this remedy is a large enough container in which you finely crush 350 grams of garlic. Then you add 300 ml of alcohol to the container, which should be 96 percent alcohol.

The only exception given here is that you can use 70-percent alcohol due to the unavailability of such highly concentrated alcohol. After mixing the two ingredients, close the jar tightly and set it aside for 10 days. Then strain the liquid through a fine sieve or coarse gauze and leave it for another 2-3 days.

Dosage is important

This medicine is dosed in drops and it is very important to follow the correct dosage, which is in the morning, after lunch and in the evening. For consumption, it is good to mix the drops in 50 ml of milk, which will calm the stomach, since garlic can irritate it. So start with one drop in the morning, 2 drops at noon and 3 drops in the evening. Each successive dose should always mean one drop more than the previous one, which means you'll take 4 drops the next morning.

This process should take 5 days to reach a total of 15 drops of the drug in the evening. You should then take 15 drops again the next day and reduce the dose by 1 drop with each subsequent dose. In general, you should be back to your starting point within 10 days. The last day of the treatment is day 11, when you should take 25 drops in the morning, afternoon and evening.